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by Dennis Kelly​

winner of the National Award Franco Enriquez 2017 for Best Production and Best Performances

Directed by: Tommaso Pitta

Starring: Monica Nappo, Lino Musella and Paolo Mazzarelli

Set and Costume design: Barbara Bessi

Light design: Mauro Marasà

Produced by: Teatro Elfo Puccini of Milan and Teatro Stabile delle Marche



Helen and her husband Danny are celebrating the news that Helen is newly pregnant with their second child with a quiet night in, but it is interrupted by Helen's brother Liam, who arrives covered in blood and claiming to have found a young man injured on the street. When Liam's recollection of the event begins to change under questioning, suspicions are aroused followed by increasing concern that he may have been more involved than first thought.


“There are times when a play amazes us, absorbs us and totally engages us: our body is stuck to the seat and we stare at the scene in search of every detail, inebriated by the flow of the words and the tension of the performers. ‘Orphans’ is this type of experience.”


Giulia Vichi, Teatri Online 


"A must see play, which offers moments of pure theatre and, despite the cynicism, many laughs.”

Raffaella Roversi, SaltinAria


“The staging is conceived in such a way to involve the audience. The set design rotates at every act, as if it’s us revolving around the problem [...] By the end, the audience must take a position and can no longer simply watch, as the protagonist falls deeper and deeper into a dramatically dark vortex.”



“A chilly family interior cut by the lights of the noir. Not to be missed.”

Gabriella Aguzzi, Quarto Potere


“With only a few elements, a table, a sofa, and a window through which comes the night glow, the actors give a very clear and intense performance [...] A play expertly conducted and paced by Pitta, who manages to keep us on a razor edge until the last second.”

Daniele Giacari, Cult Week


“We are immediately drawn into the story and get completely absorbed in the narrative. At the end, after the total decay of what initially seemed a night like many others, the title comes back like a boomerang to strike the emotions of the viewer. A final and definitive word: ‘Orphans’.”


Lucia Messina


“A play with a pressing and claustrophobic rhythm [...] As the truth gradually comes to the surface, everyone starts pointing the finger at each other, betraying even their own consciences in the midst of the lies they each tell.”


Adele Labbate

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