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based on the novel by Edward Bunker

Feature film, crime drama, UK, Bridgeway Films, Ipso Facto Prod (exec);

selected for the Berlinale Talent Project Market 2020

“A character full of anger and tenderness, like a rare bird trapped in a cheap cage"


“Little Boy Blue” is a poignant picaresque crime drama based on the novel by convicted felon turned writer Edward Bunker, adapted to contemporary UK. It follows the exploits of Alex, a boy with unique potential who, due to adverse life circumstances and a difficult temperament, enters a life of crime.

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ROAR OF THUNDER. A love story

ROMBO DI TUONO. Una storia d'amore


Documentary, Italy, Point Nemo Srl; supported by MiC - Ministero della CulturaRegione Autonoma della Sardegna and Sardegna Film Commission

The encounter between Gigi Riva and Sardinia was an extraordinary one between two great and lonely souls, mistreated by life and history and seeking redemption: a young man alone in this world, who prematurely lost his family, and a destitute island, a land of “shepherds and crooks” ridiculed by the rest of Italy. Riva found in Sardinia a home and a new family; Sardinians found in him a hero, the national treasure that would allow them to raise their heads proudly to the rest of the country.

Ancora 1


Feature film, tragicomedy, Italy, DUDE Originalsselected for the MIA Market 2023 and winner of the Best Film Wanna Taste IT? Project Award

During the same week three siblings all have a breakdown, increasingly overwhelmed by fears and anxieties that are leading them to lose control of their lives. We soon understand that their problems are due to a dysfunctional family situation, where each of them has different parents, everyone is trapped in their own neurosis, and every attempt at communication fails miserably. But just when they resign themselves to the idea of being on their own, they will each manage, through bizarre inner journeys, to find personal, unexpected and liberating ways out.

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