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Boston Marriage

by David Mamet

directed by Tommaso Pitta

starring: Monica Faggiani, Margherita Giacobbi and Giovanna Rossi

costume and set design: Gabriele Amadori and Tommaso Pitta


produced by Scuola d’arte drammatica Paolo Grassi and Teatro Libero di Milano


End of the 19th century, in a richly furnished flat. Two elegant women meet again after a long time; a maid offers tea. It doesn’t take long before we realise that, between the lines of a tortuous and affected conversation, the two old friends were once lovers and now they are very far from being as distinguished as they would like to appear…


“Two colourful carpets at the centre of the stage represent the complicated system of conventions of middle class society in the late nineteenth century. The play overwhelms and amuses, thanks to the sparkling dialogue of Mamet and the direction of Tommaso Pitta, who takes it to its extreme consequences.”


Alessandro Baito, Mercuzionline


“Everything is perfect […] The director follows the rhythm of the play without forcing it or slowing it down. Pitta wisely limits himself to observing and channelling the spirals of hysteria, affectation and worries that the three women, all of them in love in some way, invent to complicate the lives of each other.”


Alessandro Mauri, Teatroteatro

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